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Thinking about joining a contest over on DA which is on drawing ancient Cetaceans. My top picks would be basilosaurus or odobenocetops. I’m still fence sitting. What do you guys think? Toss some other ancient cetaceans that you think I should draw.

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I may tweak this a bit, but I think this is finished enough for posting here.

ALSO, note: This is not for your personal use. Please do not steal this design by getting it done yourself. This is a commissioned piece of someone’s…

Yup. Pretty much this. This has happened to me once already with a dolphin fish image I did years ago. It was edited with a recolor and some waves added to the tattoo.

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Project list:

1. CETACEANS - Portfolio book of color pencil drawings of twenty different whales and dolphins, from  well known to the obscures ones.

2. SELACHIMORPHA - same as above but with SHARKS.

3. TROCHILIDAE - Hummingbird edition

4. A collection of extinct animals (both human and natural means).

5. Fan art to video games that influenced me in some way or another (art direction, story, whatever).

    a. Ecco the Dolphin

    b. Phantasy Star

    c. Panzer Dragoon

    d. Warcraft (RTS and MMO)

    e. Dark Souls

6. Draw more big cats.

7. Draw more birds!

8. Short story comics to the head world.

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