Manticore is the only Levran that is a pure shapeshifter, meaning that he can change his shape at his will. It is a lovely gift to him from Evincarikus, who wanted one leran to be able to easily approach other races. All Lerans have that ability to change and alter their form over a period of time to make them more intimating, colorful and even for some, to be a little more vain. Some like Gehenna, prefer to be in the great sky and used their resource to gain wings to fly. Ideally however, they will still look like lerans, their core shape. They cannot do a dramatic change like say Leran to Human, with the exception of Manticore.

Manticore’s shapeshifting does not always have to lead straightway to a human like shape. He may still have his mandibles, may sport his crest, may lash his tail or be something like his above image, which is how he got his name, not to mention his ravenous appetite. Manticore may have once been of a sound and calm mind, but he is a shadow of his former self. He is a cannibal to his own kin, and the most hostile of them all. Now he abuses the gift of Evincarikus to fulfill his own needs and appetite.